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With our innovative approach to recruitment and our unique charging scheme, Crux Careers offer a bespoke service that enables you the Employer to select the very best talent available. Our aim is to ensure we build confidence with both the Employer and The Candidate, ensuring a lengthy and profitable relationship between the two, resulting in confidence in our services and a mutual respect between employer and employee.

We are all ex estate agents working on behalf of agents, due to the fact that we were fed up with the way traditional recruitment companies treated the client. 


We’re transparent, we’re on your side, we charge appropriately and fairly, we won’t play the games many other recruitment agents do, we filter candidates properly, and if required we can professionally mentor and develop your new recruits to ensure maximum performance and longevity. 

Top Ten Tips in preparing for your new position

  1. Ensure your CV is completely up to date, and laid out professionally and neatly (Prospective employers like a brief but informative CV)

  2. Build, cultivate, and utilise your network of contacts (A large and strong network of contacts will serve you well when searching for a new role). Cultivate your Linkedin and other Social Media profiles to ensure maximum exposure)

  3. Don’t limit yourself to online applications (Deal directly with a reputable recruitment company who specialise in the sector you wish to work in)

  4. Always research the companies you will be interviewing with. (A good recruitment company will help you with this)

  5. Develop examples and stories that showcase your skills (Examples of how you shone in your last role will impress any prospective employer)

  6. Retain a positive attitude (The right job will come along if you stay focused and positive)

  7. Write a thank you letter to once you have interviewed with a prospective employer (A quick note will not get you the job, but you will stand out)

  8. Make yourself readily available for zoom, phone or physical interviews. 

  9. Ask the recruiter to provide a job description summary and what the parameters of the salary package and working hours are, along with general working conditions.

  10. Be willing to follow the company’s required processes; the best jobs are with the best companies, so be prepared to perform to your maximum if given the opportunity.

With our friends and colleagues in the industry, we are in a fabulous position to help you source your next position. Contact me on 07490 813918 or via this site and I will ensure all of our recruitment specialists have your details on file, ready to offer you to some of the very best companies in our sector. 

Listen to Ruby and her advice on your CV:


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