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17.5% savings on payroll costs on all eligible team members


Between 10 and 15% more money in your team member’s nett pay packet


A proven and tested HMRC pre-approved contractual arrangement


An assist to your recruitment profile, and staff retention


Full ongoing support from our team of tax experts and client liaison team


Along with our strategic partners, The TMS Group, we also offer a unique, tried and tested platform, that encompasses a Revenue Pre-Approved contract allowing consultants to transition from Employed status to Self-Employed status, within their existing businesses. Many organisations have seen the benefit of allowing their people to work this way, what with all the flexibility, working from home options, and the requirements to allow people to change the way they operate. I'd be delighted to talk to any business or individual who would like to explore these options

Very briefly, this results in huge benefit to both the 'new consultant' and the business, with consultants now having all the financial advantages afforded to self-employed people, meaning an increase in take home pay of between 10 and 15%. A business will also benefit with lower liabilities in respect of fiscal payments to the tune of around 18% of payroll costings.


The TMS Group offer a unique contractual arrangement that has financial benefit for both business and team members. Since 2009 we have worked with over 300 organisations and 10000 consultants, and in this current economic climate our products and services have never been more current.


We would be delighted to set up a face to face or zoom meeting to fill you in on the pertinent detail.




We work with businesses that operate in the sales and marketing sectors, where variable and bonus related incomes are predominant.


Utilising our pre-approved HMRC contractual arrangement, an arrangement that has been in use since 2009, you are able to offer your team members the opportunity to transition to a contracted consultancy basis, allowing them to work more tax efficiently and retaining more of their hard-earned money, very often to the tune of between 10 and 15%.


For every team member that makes the transition, your business will save around 17.5% on payroll, as National Insurance and Work Place pension responsibilities are negated.


We take care of all fiscal responsibilities for the consultants, appointing one of our accountants to take care of their self-assessments, tax returns and collation of expenses, allowing them to continue to operate within your business in exactly the same way they were before. We encourage businesses to treat these people in the same way they do their employees in relation to hours, holiday entitlement and pay.


Our customer support team also assist with payroll procedures by taking care of all the invoicing, paperwork and calculations associated with working the TMS way.


At SJM Consultants we have the knowledge, the know-how, and the expertise to set you up as a self-employed property consultant, or in any of our other recognised and approved sectors. Contact me via the contact page on this site or by using the detail below for a complimentary consultancy.

I spoke to my long term friend and associate, Simon Whale of Kerfuffle, about going down the Self-Employed route and his take on what we offer. It's a great listen.

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