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Outstanding Results


An Innovative Solution

There are an estimated 1.6 million Freelance & Independent Consultants working in the UK today, and some 4.5 million self-employed traders.

Transitioning your team members will result in a 10 to 15% increase in their take home pay, and savings for your business of around 18% on payroll.


In many sectors, it is the preferred way for top talent to work. It offers significant benefit both for the Consultants and the businesses that engage them, including reduced cost of employment, greater flexibility, and increased tax efficiencies for both parties. Robust, proven and compliant with all UK tax and employment legislation, the TMS platform is the only one of its type available in the market today.


Having carried out my own due diligence, and worked alongside these guys for some 6 years, I am totally happy to recommend and introduce you to their products and services and pride myself in being part of their great team. For an in-depth insight into the workings and benefits of the platform just utilise the contact detail on this site, or call me 07490 813918.


A Story of Success

If staying ahead of the competition is where you want to be then our mentoring programmes offer varying levels of intensity covering all aspects of Estate Agency including sales, lettings and cross-selling and focuses on turning negotiators into valuers, valuers into managers and managers in to area managers and beyond.


If you know the importance of a well-performing team, how to motivate your staff members, researching your spending costs, embracing new innovation within the industry, maximising your performance on property portals and how to get that all-important new listing over your local competitors then it is time to involve yourself with a new approach to Estate Agency training.


Tap into our vast experience and discover how to deliver on the following topics:


  • Current market trends and what is affecting them

  • Which marketing programmes work and which don’t

  • What the customer is looking for and how you can deliver it

  • The unique selling environment between vendor and agent

  • What the customer expects when selecting their agent

  • And how all these factors determine your profitability


Please contact me for a no obligation assessment as to what we can do for you business


Turning a New Page

With our innovative approach to recruitment and our unique charging scheme, we offer a bespoke service that enables you the Employer to select the very best talent available. Our aim is to ensure we build confidence with both the Employer and The Candidate, ensuring a lengthy and profitable relationship between the two, resulting in confidence in our services and a mutual respect between employer and employee.

We are all ex estate agents working on behalf of agents, due to the fact that we were fed up with the way traditional recruitment companies treated the client. 


We’re transparent, we’re on your side, we charge appropriately and fairly, we won’t play the games many other recruitment agents do, we filter candidates properly, and if required we can professionally mentor and develop your new recruits to ensure maximum performance and longevity. 


And here is our PLEDGE! If we place and subsequently move someone from your business without your consent, we will pay you £10,000, no questions asked. Have a look at some of our latest vacancies at


Expert Advice

Whether you are sailing along and your business is in a fit and healthy state, or you are all at sea, and cannot see through the chaos that threatens to destroy your business, we are here to assist. Often as Business Owners and Senior Directors you need that helping hand and guidance in nurturing and developing both your team members and your business in general, and at SJM Consultants we have the expertise and knowhow to take the reins alongside you and work through the turmoil, strategising and implementing processes to ensure you return to calmer waters. 


Likewise, if you have a fit and healthy business and want to take it to the next level we are on hand to help. Contact us for an initial consultation and let us put together a proposal that we know will work.

"I always found working with Steve to be an enriching experience, his professional skill set and presentation style rewards his listeners, a Consummate leader who displays the key listening skills needed to create a positive business experience when dealing with him, Steve has gained my trust and respect as a colleague and friend, I have no doubt he will excel in all his endeavors" Linkedin Profile Recommendation 2019

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